Your own webpage with fully flexible options to collect registrations for any event type

  • We are committed to offering a service every organisation can afford
  • We don’t just process entries, you can add postal details FREE of charge and product reports you require.
  • There’s less paper to process and you can share secretarial duties if you request more than one login to your entry page.
  • Creates a bespoke entry form for you to collect all the information you require optional or mandatory. Form can have the details the same as your existing postal form. 
  • Secretaries decide what information is required on each entry form for individual events.
  • Extremely flexible to collect entries for anything i.e. cats dogs, cows, sheep, pigs etc with all relevant data.
  • Collect correct money first time
  • Entry details are added by the entrant in an legible format
  • Flexible ticket only options with choice to ask questions to assist with event day management.

Features and Benefits

The Entrymaster software offers an incredible wealth of features and benefits that make the entire process of event organisation much easier.

Entrymaster not only provides a simple, step by step online process for the entrant to register and submit their details, it also offers an easy to use, comprehensive administration solution for organisers.

The software has been created as an easy to use website, branded with your logo, which becomes a seamless and integral part of your existing website. You events page will connect easily to social media, ensure you build your customer database, collects subscriptions, takes secure payments, allows you to collect sponsorship and even sell merchandise using an efficient, simple process.

Entrymaster contains a comprehensive list of powerful features and benefits and the reporting can be tailored to suit the bespoke needs of any organisation.

We also offer an optional full event management service for processing all online and postal entries including a PO Box office address. Quotations on request.


All monies collected go straight to your organistaion Stripe or Paypal account. We do not make any entrant charges,

you choose any online fees payable.”