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We are excited to share the new online system made specifically for Pony Club. 

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Keep in Contact with your Members

It’s not just an online entry system……it’s a database of all your contacts, you can email your members, non-Pony club entrants, committee, or coaches anytime 247, subject to GDPR preferences. All your contacts and entries are in one place; you have the facility to give various committee/secretaries access to the back end of the system, this can be limited depending on the role they have within your branch. 

Entrants - Speed, Convenience & One Transaction

The Pony Club entry system boasts an impressive number of features designed to make it easy for entrants to enter via a mobile phone, tablet or computer in a few clicks.  A list or monthly calendar of your branch events enables members to clearly see all the options available.

Information is stored to view future entries made and transactions together with history of attendance and achievements readily at hand. Parents can also enter as many rallies and events as they wish all in one transaction to save time and to save repeating inputting of information.

To complement each branches own entry webpages, all events will also be automatically added the new Pony Club events page HERE which will allow browsing of all Pony Club events by date or discipline branch or Area.

Entry Forms for Everything

Organisers use event type templates which have prefixed questions which can be copied for ease of setting up similar events in future and can be tailored as required. Being totally flexible, each branch can ask any question on an entry form. Answers can be a free form box, may offer a yes/no option, be numerical or have multiple choice answers making even the most complex team event easy to organise. 

We don’t just collect information for rallies, you can create a form with multiple price options, classes/sessions, eligibility and ticket options even collecting dietary requirements. 

Once the event is open for entries, you will be able to view all the details in Pelham and, crucially, update any Badge or Test successes automatically.  Membership validation will be in place for PC only events, saving your organisers and secretaries hours of checking memberships before an event. 

We would like to offer you the opportunity to try the system at no cost and with no fixed contract period. The Entrymaster team will set up your own unique Pony Club page within one day, so you can take entries straight away. As we are Pony Club parents, we know you will love our services!

Entrymaster Fees

We provide the software and look to the class leading and safe processing of money through a partnership with Stripe:

  • You will receive a unique branded Pony Club system for your branch, we add your branch Stripe bank account, so you stay in full control of your events and finances
  • We link with Stripe to take any payments by debit or credit card and choose all monies to be transferred to your branch bank account every day, week, two weeks or monthly
  • Information in your Stripe account is mirrored in your Entrymaster pages with a wealth of reports for the treasurer
  • Its user-friendly software however we offer individual phone/email support as well as group training and a user guide
  • Entrymaster Service Fee - We offer the most cost-effective service for Pony Club at £1.20 including VAT per event regardless of the number of entries or riders. This fee is taken from your club at the point of transaction.
  • No fee for free of charge events
  • No charge for refunds or cancelled places
  • No charge for you to add postal entries or amend/move entries to an alternative event
  • Take card payments yourself over the telephone (if you wish)
  • Fully managed event entry service available at an additional cost of £25 per month 

Pre-Event Information

  • Pre event options including sort orders, allocating competitor numbering automatically, adding times, class lists, steward sheets
  • All entrants receive an event confirmation which you can tailor as required
  • Email times or publish times to your home page
  • Add Team names – limited access to this page may be given to Area representatives to create teams from their own branch member entries to specific events *2024
  • Create labels, print out entry statistics, tickets etc.
  • Entries can be uploaded free to Pony Club scores software  


  • Add any result or attendance to link to Pelham
  • Add information for future reference ie: First aid notes

Interested to find out more? 
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  1. Complete the “sign-up” form HERE, and we will be in touch to set up your first event and organise training 
  2. Join us on one of our weekly webinars to hear and see more about our system and its many features, which will make your Pony Club events much easier to manage! To book please register HERE, all committee members are welcome.
  3. If you prefer to chat with one of us, please call Jo on mobile: 07799065098, we’re eagerly waiting for your calls! We are also available by email at


We look forward to working with you!

Alison, Jo and the Entrymaster Team